#2 progress report

Posted on January 19, 2020 by dyniec

Hello Again!

We intended to do those reports more often, but we failed.

Gazebo integration

Błażej (blazej) has added physical properties to the URDF model and created a package that provides a simulation of our rover in Gazebo. It allows us to test most of our software in a simulated environment before trying it on the machine.

Jetson Power Monitoring - GUI

Olek (bitterisland6) has created a user interface that displays voltage and current measurements from NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board.

Unified UIs

Arek (arusekk) has unified our templates for our user interfaces so it’s more user friendly and consistent.

Driver for Auvidea J20

Błażej (blazej) has developed device tree configuration for NVIDIA Jetson TX2 that enables the use of Auvidea J20 board (6 port camera expander).

Global State Machine

Magda (jaro) has resarched the use of smach library and prototyped a state machine that would conform to competition rules to indicate the status of operation (manual, idle, autonomous).

Improved Creality 3D Printer

Cezary (cezar/acriaer) has managed to drastically improve quality of prints coming out of our Creality CR10-S5, however they are still not good enough for him and he intends to improve it even further.

Rust on STM32

Paweł (dyniec) got Rust language to work on Blackpill development board.

Continuum goes open-source

During the last months we have made some of our projects public. We are still figuring out the licencing stuff, but are hoping to release them on a permissive license e.g. 3-clause BSD.

In the meantime, Cezary (cezar/acriaer) has shared the embedded side of his RUBI project, which we are using extensivly on rover.

Rubi Wireshark plugin

Arek (arusekk) has developed a plugin for wireshark that allows interpreting messages that follow the RUBI protocol format on the CAN bus.